Los Angeles Commercial Property Management Services

Los Angeles Commercial Property Management ServicesToo many people have the misconception that great property management costs too much money. This is all wrong as it actually pays. The catch to this is to hire the best-all-around firm you can find. If you hire the B2RE Property Management we will show you our value and how we can save you money while meeting all of your needs. We have been managing industrial, retail, and office space in Southern California for decades. These decades equate to knowing and understanding various properties. Our vast experience makes us ready to tackle whatever your needs may be.

Commercial Property Management to Maximize Your Profits

We’ve worked in every type of market cycle. We have faced all kinds of situations. Through it all, we have been able to maximize profits for our clients. This includes everything from high-end retail to warehouse space. No matter what, our assistance translates to improving your net income. Part of this is due to our dedicated employees as they offer a unique mix of experience, varied talents, and their overall abilities.

Vacant Commercial Properties

Do you presently have a building sitting empty? The first thing B2RE Property Management realizes is your driving need to rent the building as soon as possible. Therefore, we immediately produce high-profile ads. These ads are directed to a multitude of outstanding prospects to offer a selection from which to choose.

Los Angeles Commercial Property Management ServicesHow Do You Price the Rent on a Commercial Property?

Are you wondering if you are pricing your rental too high or too low? We can conduct surveys that result in monitoring the rental rates of properties which are similar to yours. By offering the targeted rent this cuts time in the process of attracting the most qualified prospects you want. The end result is a stable income along with a long-term tenant. To us, tenant retention is key to your success.

Experienced Commercial Property Services

Through the years the B2RE Property Management has proudly managed hundreds of property construction. We’ve been involved in managing major remodels and even new construction. We have the needed contacts as well as discounts with the best-skilled contractors. If you need some type of renovation this service can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Also, if you are looking to purchase a property in need of a lot of work, B2RE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT can seamlessly manage the work. If you visit our office we will be proud to show you our portfolio.

When it comes to financials we believe B2RE Property Management will offer you exactly what you need. We offer you accurate and user-friendly reports each month. You can choose how you want them delivered either by ail, regular mail or both. You will also have a secure owner’s portal. This offers you all the data about your property. You can easily access your property 24/7 to check on your payments and all other pertinent information.

Full-Service Management for Your Commercial Properties

You can relax knowing that we screen and monitor each one of our vendors. We are proud to offer a large pool of talent we offer for a variety of services. We are proud that we consistently monitor, re-evaluate, and renegotiate fees and contracts. We do this to guarantee you the lowest costs you will find in the industry.

We are a full-service management program. Aside from our yearly review of insurance, our mortgage auditing services, utility auditing, our preventative maintenance programs, investment and brokerage, 24-hour emergency response, energy conservation retrofitting, as well as a low turnover through tenant retention and programs of referral we can also tailor anything else to meet your personal needs.

Our services have resulted in numerous awards and recognition. This is because we pride our business to offer you major profits, responsive services, quickly filled vacancies, and an accurate understandable monthly report.

If you would like to discuss how our property management team can manage your property for you please contact us at (310) 945-5155 or send us a message online by clicking here.