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Frequently Asked Questions

When do owner's statements and Owner Distributions get sent out?

Owner statements are generally sent out no later than the 15th of every month for the preceding month. Owner distributions go out at the same time.

How has my property performed so far this month?

By definition, our financial statements and management reports are out of date the moment we send them. Our Owner Statements are distributed by the 15th of every month based on the prior month’s reconciled data. You can, however, see up to the minute financials and operational reports by logging into the Owner Web Access Portal, where you see what we see. If you don’t know your login credentials or have forgotten you’re password, please email

What are my management statements telling me?

Please refer to the “Understanding your Management Statements” document which was provided when your account was set up. This document provides the key definitions and criteria each report or visit our Owner Web Access Portal for more details on any report. If you would like further clarification on any of the financials, please email

How is my owner's distribution calculated?

In general, owner’s distributions are initiated on the same day that statements go out which is on or around the 15th of the month based on the bank balance on that day less any reserve requirements. The calculation for the distribution is defined as the ending bank balance less the cash reserves such as security deposits held in trust (unless an owner keeps them in their account) less the reserve amount. Both of these numbers are specified on the Owner’s Statement. The reserve is generally set at 1.5 times the monthly average expenditures for the property.

I have a vacancy and have a marketing questions or would like a status update

If you would like to review your ad for your vacancy, please visit our vacancies list on our website For marketing questions and status updates regarding your vacancy, including price reductions and modifications, please email

How do I initiate an owner's contribution?

The easiest way to initiate an owner’s contribution is through the Owner Web Access Portal. If you do not have access or need your password reset, please email If you would like us to initiate the owner’s contribution for you, please fill out the ACH Enrollment Formunder the useful information section of our website and email it to, fax it to (310) 306-1930 or mail it to our office with specific instructions about how much you would like us to debit. You can also mail a check to our office made payable to B Squared Realty. Please make sure to specify which property you would like us to credit with the deposit if you own more than one property.

How can I get set up on direct deposit?

To get set up direct deposit, please download and complete the ACH Enrollment Form and email it to, fax it to (310) 306-1930, or mail it to our office.

How do I get a copy of a bill or invoice?

All of our invoices and bills are available for viewing up to 90 days after the bill is paid through the Owner Web Access Portal. Please email to establish your login credentials.